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The Influencers Present: Gu and the Homies Vol. 1

Gu is 9 hangs with Dj 100 K!

On the cusp of a new live event and right after his latest music video release; Emcee, Gu is 9 has a Google Hangout with The Influencers founder, Dj 100 K! Listen in as they discuss Gu’s background ,the meaning behind his music and what lies ahead! Gu and the homies Vol. 1 will be […]

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The Influencers Present: DJ 100 K! Celebratttion

Celebratttion by Dj 100 K!

On his birthday, August 19th, Dj 100 K! decided to make an ep instead of partying with friends. “Celebratttion” is the resulting gift to his fans!  Download it from FischerMusic.Club/Dj100k !

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Dj 100 K! Commmpassion EP Cover


Dj 100 K! has been releasing a new EP each month of 2018 for his fans that he collectively calls #Team100.  May’s release is called “COMMMPASSION”, inspired by the Dalai Lama.  He has been quoted saying “Some people consider the practice of love and compassion is only related to religious practice and if they are […]

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Dj 100 K! COOOKIES Cover

COOOKIES by Dj 100 K!

In January, Dj 100 K! promised to bring his growing, but dedicated fanbase a new EP every month of this year. With his latest release, COOOKIES; He is 4 for 4.  After hearing 9th Wonder explain a specific technique of J.Dilla’s sample process, Dj 100 K! used the lesson he learned to pay homage and […]

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The Influencers Present: Dj 100 K! Warmmmth EP Cover

WARMMMTH by Dj 100 K!

Multi-faceted music producer, Dj 100 K! dropped of a soulful ep that should get you through this winter! Check out “WARMMMTH” which is a sample serving (pun intended) of instrumentals tough enough for any lyricist and smooth enough to vibe to. Hear more from Dj 100 K! at www.Dj100k.com

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The Story of Soulection

This collective has single handedly changed music forever.  They started with a dream and team, introducing a sound and movement that’s still evolving today! Check it out. The history of Soulection Radio.

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