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The Influencers Present: Ekow Nimako

The Incredible Lego Sculptures of Ekow Nimako

There are barely words. The lego based, sculpture work of artist, Ekow Nimako is something that has to be seen, to be believed. This man is blessed.

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The Influencers Present: Mickalene Thomas

Mickalene Thomas is too fly!

The work of Mickalene Thomas is absolutely stunning. Her use of mixed medium and bright hues, focuses on the strength possessed by women of color.  Thomas uses a variety of techniques that include, photography, collage and then sometimes paintings of said collages. Check out the gallery above and see more of her work at https://www.mickalenethomas.com/

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The Influencers Present: Axel Vervoordt

Axel Vervoordt & Kanye West

The article/interview has been copied from The Hollywood Reporter and can be read in it’s original form here.  We just felt like our readers would enjoy it as well. (Don’t sue us.)   “The Future Is Here”: A Design Conversation With Kanye West by Chris Gardner  April 13, 2018, 8:00am PDT  Share on Facebook  Share on Twitter The […]

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The Influencers Present: Arinze Stanley Egbe

These are Not Photos! Arinze Stanley Egbe

As someone who went to to art school, as someone who focused his traditional studies on portraiture and the human form…I cannot fathom how illustrator, Arinze Stanley Egbe does what he does. Just look! There are no synapses in my brain that will allow my hand to control a piece of graphite in the way […]

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The Influencers Present: Mo Ganji Tatts

The Minimalmist Work of Mo Ganji

Often, when we think of great tattoo artists, we think about immaculate detail or extreme scale. But as a great art idiom dictates, sometimes you have to K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple, Stupid), and that is exactly what Berlin based tattoo artist, Mo Ganji lives by.  He has made a name for himself, as patrons across the […]

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The Guggenheim is Your New Art Teacher

We went to art school once. For 4 and 1/2 years. We’re still paying for it. Well, The Guggenheim Museum is helping to alleviate that burden by releasing a plethora of free knowledge online! There are over 200 FREE, DOWNLOADABLE art books here and counting.  If you’re into Kandinsky, Lichenstein, Picasso, Rothko and anyone else […]

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Glorious Street Style Photography from Joel Meyerowitz!

There’s SO many creatives who don’t get credit when credit is due. Photographer, Joel Meyerowitz is one of those people. He pioneered street photography, *ahem COLOR street photography. ON FILM. in the 1960’s. This meant that every camera setting had to be perfect in every environment, everytime, just to hope to capture the perfect moment. […]

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