Enter the Queendom!

    This group is a force to be reckoned with in Atlanta’s ever evolving hip hop scene. Meet Queendom!    

1. So who is Queendom? Who are the group members and how did you all meet?    

The Queendom is 2 boss ass bitches that are about to fuck your shit up so take cover. On a serious note, the Queendom is a HipHop/R&B duo that consists of singers/rappers/producers  AUDIADASOUND and Rocket Rhonnie. We met at Georgia State University.       

2. Was there a catalyst that inspired you all to start rapping. A certain person, event or moment in your lives?    

We both attended GA State back in the day and we collaborated on a song for a project for a clothing line called Classik. Rhonnie let her brother hear the record and he told her, “No matter what you do, you have to make music with her (Audia). Y’all have to be a group.” 4 years later we crossed paths again and made it happen.      

3. You all produce your own tracks too; Is that correct? Who are some of your favorite producers and why?    

Yes we produce everything lol. Our favorite producers range from Bryan Michael Cox to Flying Lotus. There are so many great ones.     

4. Hip-Hop and urban music in particular has a storied history of Duos. Who are some of your favorite two person groups of all time?    

OutKast, Mobb Deep, J*Davey, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Camp Lo, The Cool Kids, Clipse, Christian Rich. That’s all we can think of lol    

5. What’s Queendom’s overall message? If you could explain your brand in one sentence; What would it be?    

The QUEENDOM reigns supreme in everything we approach.     

6. *Bonus question! Tell us all about the “Duty” video. It looks very Kanye West “Power” inspired, but it’s a world all on it’s own. What was the ideation of the song/video and who was the team behind it?    

It was heavily inspired by Kanye West’s “Power” video and FKA Twigs “2 weeks” video. All of the ideation came from Rocket Rhonnie. We wanted royals and supernatural aspects to be prevalent in the visual. Mike Danners of I Am Eye Photos was the videographer/Photographer/Graphic designer that made this visual one of the most mind blowing ones we’ve ever seen. The most prominent figures in the visual are recording artist, Retro H@tti and dancer, De’shi. The rest of the team consists of family members and friends that are also a part of the local entertainment scene.    

Be sure to follow Queendom all over the internet right here! http://www.instagram.com/queendomreign



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