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The Influencers Present: Jaden Smith Omniverse


In a move that only makes sense, Jaden Smith will play an alternate reality version of Kanye West in a new television series. Each episode will explore Kanye’s life if major events never occurred. What if Ye never met Jay? What if Kanye never crashed the whip or met Kim Kardashian? The series, dubbed “Omniverse” […]

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NewYokio The Influencers Present

Jaden Smith’s Delightful World of Neo Yokio.

Netflix is keeping Jaden Smith paid! He and Keonig (aka The Flash in the DCEU) are bringing “Neo Yokio” to the network this fall.  It’s a “typical” anime where an adolescent teen struggles to find himself, while dealing with newfound powers and abilities.  The trailer seems to hit on all of the anime tentpoles (robots, […]

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